NADA RV – Tips for purchasing Nada valued RV

It is always a perplexing task when it comes to making a big purchase and even more intimidating when the purchase should be a recreational vehicle (RV). Purchasing a RV is a pretty big deal when compared to that of a home or motor vehicle. In any purchase to be made you need to be equipped with as much information as possible when searching for a RV or actually making a purchase since it can be so easy to fail to recall to check one little or to overlook something. NADA RV search can definitely assist in getting equipped with the knowledge needed for decision making.

It is important to be well-informed whether you are buying or selling a RV so it is imperative that you research new and previously owned RV values by looking into appraisal sites particularly the NADA RV price guide. In conducting this research, you will be able to set a comfortable budget and since NADA RV’s will come in many different sizes, types and price range, you will then be able to figure out what size or type you can afford based on a budget and whether you can afford it new or used. A pricing guide is very important and can be provided at NADA RV but other information includes the uses and purposes of different types of RV.

The NADA RV guide is a very popular resource tool among RV owners and enthusiast; the abbreviated NADA is really the National Automobile Dealers Association. It first started with establishing guidelines for achieving values for motor vehicles but has since tapped into other types of “vehicles” and so the NADA RV was created. The online resource is mostly free to users; however you have the option to order a physical copy of the guideline.

Although it may be helpful, in some instances, to take the word or a dealer, you definitely do not want to rely on this word and so NADA RV will come in handy at providing an introductory bargaining position. From NADA RV you search for RV values based on interior and exterior condition and as stated previously size and type. So as a private party or dealer you want to make certain that the RV to be sold is in good clean condition as this will generate a lot of traffic. A consumer would be interested in purchasing based on the type and whether it is big enough for the family. They would have to determine whether the floor plan of the RV would suite them and it would be easy to guess that a two bedroom would cost more than a one bedroom based on similar characteristics. A buyer may want to test drive or inspect the RV for themselves and most dealers offer this, however a test drive would be a hard sell for a private party owner in particular.

Purchasing a RV at a discounted cost

The only way you would acquire a cheap RV is if it has been used but it is still possible to spot a bargain when you can comprehend RV’s market value. NADA RV is a great tool for understanding the RV market value. It is important to note that NADA RV values are dealer driven, as in some cases the value of a RV may be lower than it is truly worth as the dealers must account for the reconditioning costs for the RV and of course a profit.  As stated earlier NADA is mostly free, however dealers pay a fee for its use, hence why it is a dealer driven guide.

NADA provides the trade in value which is the lowest for dealers to have room for refurbishing, it also provides the suggested retail or resale value and it also provides the Private Party price which is right down the middle.

A discounted RV can come in the form of purchasing a RV that is about 2 years as this as already lost about 30% of its value but is in a fairly new condition. A dealer may try to sell at full price but in that instance you should just know that is a deal you should be prepared to walk away from and in rare cases a dealer may consider letting that RV go at the discounted rate.

Further RV discounts are generally offered in the form of a manufacturer’s returns. The discounts here can be massive, up to $10,000. Before making a purchase you can research this rebate information and you can also inquire about which model come with rebates at a dealership. Armed with this information you will be able to determine which RV’s can be further discounted as a dealer may just want to be rid of these.

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