Nada Motorcycle and Kelley Blue Book Motorcycles

nada motorcyle and kelley motorcycleMotorcycle pricing tips using the Nada and Kelley Blue Book

Just as with purchasing a new or used motor vehicle so too should an individual understand how the valuation process for a motor cycle works. If you know how the appraisal for a car is done then you should note that it is the same process for a motor bike. For others, what you need to know is that the value of a motor bike depends on its location, condition and age.

If you are to really count then you will realize that there are quite a few pricing guides which exists these days and it includes the Black Book, Edmunds Blue Book, and so on; but two main stays have been the Kelley Blue Book and the National Automobile Dealers Association (NADA) guide. It is debatable as to which is better but NADA is presently the biggest publishing house in terms of Appraisal guides in the world. Since establishing its business in 1933 the NADA guide has supplied material for almost every type of vehicle ever manufactured.

Even though NADA has the biggest publishing house; it is said that one in every three people use the Kelley Blue Book when searching for a motor vehicle value. It has been around for approximately 86years and has published many guides for motor vehicles appraisals including motor bikes. When these guides are published it is published as a dealer (dealer price) guide book and a consumer (retail price) guide book; but it never hurts to have both versions so you don’t end up getting swindled by a dealer.

As stated there are other guides in which there is to consider and another such type Blue Book is the Edmunds website which is an online resource tool that supplies values for every make, model and year motor vehicle and motorcycles.

Since one in every three people will use the Kelley Blue Book it can certainly be considered the most popular of the appraisal tools in terms of research. During its supremacy, the Kelley Blue Book has managed to publish several types of pricing guides, which have included changes with each publication. The Kelley Blue Book Auto Market Report: Official Guide is that guide that will be used by a dealership when you are looking to trade up your old motorcycle.

The quickest way to find out the value of your motorcycle or one that you wish to purchase is by visiting the NADA and Kelley Blue Book website or acquiring the NADA Price Guide or The Kelley Blue Book. We can look at both books and some other ways you can check the value of a motorcycle.

Unlike the NADA guide, the Blue Book does not show prices of the true value of a motorcycle rather the average sale price in an area. At times the prices quoted may be less than what you actually pay for a used motorcycle as dealers must account for reconditioning costs and profits. It is therefore advisable to obtain a copy of either book in order to arm yourself with as much pricing information as possible.

When using the website of NADA and Kelley Blue Book to assess the value of a motorcycle, whether to buy or sell you must be equipped with the condition of the motorcycle and any custom work that has been done or options you want as well as the area in which buying or selling will take place. With this information at hand you should then enter these items on the webpage and you will then be provided with trade-in value, suggested retail value and private party pricing. Keep in mind that since you are researching the value of a motorcycle in a particular area code then this value will not apply to other states for instance.

Now that you have been equipped with the cost for nada motorcycles or Kelley blue book motorcycles then you should be able to get to negotiating a cost for a motorcycle to be bought. Whether by physical copy or online the NADA guide and Kelley Blue Book will definitely assist in purchasing your motorcycle.

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