Canadian Black Book

 Use the Canadian black book for your next appraisal

If you have ever wanted to buy or sell a car, this article will show you a great item to use. It is not the typical internet answer or even Kelley blue book. It is called the Canadian black book. This will ensure you are never ripped off. Here are some interesting facts about the Canadian black book-

  • It is what a lot of dealers and bankers use to get vehicle appraisal info.

  • The website was launched May 28th, 2010

  • The site lists trade in terms of value, retail price, & future value projection.

  • they have every price of a used car in canada since 1997.

Isn’t that awesome? Not only will dealers be helped but also sellers who are looking for a reputable document. Dealerships will be helped in that they can shop for car inventory a lot easier. Plus the trade in value is always listed on the site.

Are the prices of Canadian used cars too high?

Those who have a limited budget need to really evaluate pricing trends so as to determine the right value of the car. The market for used cars in Canada is huge, but people still come to the internet to find the right car.

Remember that the pricing for a car is measured by two factors at all times: the standard and optional equipment that a car can have. Some optional equipment is like special equipment like power brakes and air conditioning. Anyone buying a used car- please make sure you adjust the price estimation if there isn’t optional equipment.

The website we us is ideal for buying a used canadian car. Make sure of these things when purchasing one-

  • make sure the car is clean is works well

  • should there be any minor repairs done to the car? If so, deduce price. A car in top notch condition can help get 5% back on the resell price.

Note that some models that have high demand in Canada cost more. Seasonal factors as well as geographic also play a part. A lot of people like to look in the classified section about used car prices, and insurance companies also love to look at the black book/red book publications to observe current values.

What factors should I look out for in used car prices?

A lot of different things affect the price. When you decide to buy the car, check the performance records. This will tell of the manufacturing details.Not doing so can lose you ton of money when you could have bought a cheaper car. Here are some things to look out for with a used car-

  • history of car- Use the DMV to get a VIN history report. It should cost less than $30 and get you all the info on what the car has been used for. It tells you about repairs also done.

  • What does the exterior look like? Now look at the outside of the car- is everything where it’s supposed to be? Asking and doing a thorough report will help you get this quickly done.

  • Does the car perform well? First look at the engine and make sure the odometer is working as it should. Lot of people use odometer fraud to lie about the mileage.

  • The relationship between brakes and transmission is intimate, so make sure you get a mechanic with you who can help.

  • Price range- You will have to tally some extra dollars in in case there have to be repairs done for the car. Put aside an extra $3000 in a worst case scenario basket and see what happens.

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